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FRESH PATCH is a 16" x 24" self-contained patch of real, hydroponically-grown grass that is delivered weekly to hotels, homes, and offices to take care of a dog's bathroom needs when an outside walk is not possible.

Training your dog with this dog potty / puppy toilet system is easy because dogs naturally gravitate to real grass.

Purchase Fresh Patch with confidence knowing that we have invested time and energy designing the perfect container that is sturdy and leak-proof!

Best of all, no cleaning is necessary because the entire unit is fully disposable.

Fresh Patch advantages:

Make the switch from pee pads today.
FRESH PATCH ships via FedEx delivery every Monday.

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You can help The Animal Rescue Site by clicking on the link below
so they can meet their daily quota of getting
donated every day to abused and neglected dogs.
It takes about 15 seconds to go to their site and click on the purple box
'fund food for animals for free'.
This doesn't cost you a thing.


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